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🔐 Passwords
📩 Data in motion
💿 Data at rest
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What do you do to protect your data...

...offline? between?

What is my threat model?

What is my concern?

What data do I care about?

What happens if I loose access to this data?

Am I being stalked/spied on?


∙ SnowHaze is both a powerful private browser and an anonymous VPN

 ∙ Privacy and Security 

∙ Open Source 

∙ No logs, no analytics, no backdoors​

🕵️‍♀️ Block fingerprinting and tracking 
Avoid phishing

Force secure connections 

Powerful AdBlocker

Encrypted Connections

Change virtual location

Bypass georestriction

First fully anonymous VPN


🕵️‍♀️Block fingerprinting and tracking

🎣Avoid phishing

🔒Force secure connections

⛔️ Powerful AdBlocker


How not to do it ...


Who has a different password for each account?
You don't need to know you password

Over 1 billion accounts leaked in 2018

Check if your account has been compromized:

Password Manager

Store, Generate and Autofill your passwords

Add a second factor

Changing one-time passwords

Additional layer of security

Data in motion


Encryption of website content between site and user
Visited site still visible but not content

Everything unencrypted: not safe to share information

Email  📩

Emails are not encrypted by default: everyone could read them


PGP: advanced and not very user friendly

Protonmail encrypts email end-to-end

Messengers  💬

End-to-end encryption

Wire, Signal, Threema, iMessage, (Whatsapp), (Telegram)

Fake Hotspot "Hacking"

Data at rest  

Backup and Encryption

        There is no cloud, it's just someone else's computer

→Nextcloud, Boxcryptor

Software Updates

Keep your software up to date
Outdated software is the main reason for hacks

Social Engineering

"psychological manipulation of people into performing actions or divulging confidential information" 


Yvan Monneron

Founder of SnowHaze


Agenda Workshop

❄️ Get a secure browser

🌐 Setup VPN 

🔐 Secure Passwords

💡 Suggestions

Get the presentation:

Browse securely

What do you see about your system?

Screensize, Browser, Version, Language, Timezone, even Battery level and Loudpseaker power

Start sharing less data: Get SnowHaze

Works like any other browser

Many settings with explanation 

Local and global settings

Color feedback of privacy level
Desktop Browser Security

On your desktop use Firefox and install addons to get similar security and privacy as in SnowHaze
Find detailed guides here : 

Setup VPN

1. Check IP location:

Now you connect directly to the site you visit. Everyone can see your location.

Setup VPN

1. Check IP location:

2. Download OpenVPN App

3. Get a profile

4. Check IP location again:

5. Enjoy secure connections
With the VPN you ask the server in Australia to connect to the site and to send you the content. 

Why do we need strong and unique passwords?

Get a Password Manager

1. Download a Password Manager:
1Password, LastPass, Dashlane, Bitwarden, ....

2. Now forget all your passwords and generate them randomly for every account

3. Keep your Master Password safe

4. Be protected against the next data breach

Check File Metadata

1. Visit

2. Upload a file, image or document

3. See what's behind it

What other data do you want to protect?
Any questions?


Yvan Monneron

Founder of SnowHaze
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