Internet-owned Indonesian Rupiah

Cagar IDR (cIDR)

Cagar IDR is a name for an Internet-owned Indonesian Rupiah
An Indonesia's stable cryptocurrency with Progressive Decentralisation Model and Open Source at its core

Majority Indonesia's Internet Transaction Values will be captured and be extracted by small number of Big Companies and Investment Holding

Indonesia's Internet Users need a better alternative that will 

  1. Give most of value's extraction to the users,
  2. Eliminate fraudulence caused by centralised database, and
  3. Have sustainable economic impact 
Cagar IDR (cIDR) implements Progressive Decentralised Stability model pegged to Fiat IDR

Augmented Bonding Curve (ABC) is the circular and regenerative economy mechanics behind cIDR

Phase 1. Pool any USD stable-crypto: to provide Liquidity for Token Governance CAGAR, 
Fund to back cIDR with FIAT and Fund to develop open source software and network users

Phase 2. Implement Fiat-collateralised cIDR: 
by Develop CMS for O2O Liquidity Network and Onboard O2O Agency into the Network 

Phase 3. Implement Crypto-collateralised cIDR: 
by forking MakerDAO smart contract and develop Decentralised Scientific Risk Assessment of Cagarholder

Phase 4. Implement a Central Bank Algorithmic cIDR: 
by develop Oracle to manage expansion and contraction via three token system