Breakout 1 Exs 100-603

Breakout 1 Exs 100-603

Sophie Oristian, Jack Vitolins, Nicole Younger, William Lewis

Because of the formatting of the website there is no way to make this only 3 slides...just an FYI

General Info

Ease of use: not easy to use at all, bad user interface and non friendly to non tech savvy people. Generally more difficult to use than other options such as PowerPoint, Google Slides etc.

Collab: there is no multi person collar feature available for this app which makes it difficult for group projects

Cool Features: allows you to interact with the live audiences of the presentation, use responsive features, and add advanced GIFs and images

Stealthy: more stealthy than PowerPoint or Google Slides as you can see less of what the creator has done on the project so it's easier to copy and have people help you get a project done

More General Info

Cost/Upgrades: free version available, however upgrades can be bought although there is no price available to see without emailing the company about purchasing said upgrades

Cross Platform: can be used on all platforms from tablets to laptops to mobile devices


No. Not even a little bit. There are plenty other free presentation building sites that are far less difficult and have features that DeckDeckGo does not. 

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Don't think there's an option to embed documents or files or add graphs into the presentation but here's a cool picture