project owllyMid Demo Day1

project owlly
Mid Demo Day #1



enables the secure and easy electronic signing, validation and counting of popular initiatives and referendums for campaign platforms and offers a holistic e-collecting approach for Switzerland.

Demokratie Toolbox (Civic Tech CH)

Collecting signatures today

digital democracy.

1st phase

test and digitize the existing 
process 1:1 with the electronic identity of schaffhausen

2nd phase

build a platform for 
- citizens
- municipalities
- campaigners

our vision...

- introduce e-collecting 
- strengthen participation
- ask questions about a basic digital infrastructure, open government data and responsibilities between authorities and stakeholders

Let's test!

Discussion & Questions

Where do you think are the big stumbling stones in the process?

What do you think about the process?
Is it too much information for the User or is it just straight forward?

What reasons do you recognize, for not using E-collecting in general? 

Where are the risks and obstacles of the concept?

What do you think about several e-collecting portals from different providers?

What do you think about a central e-collecting platform from the federal government?

Which variant of the signature sheet do you like best?

Variant A

Variant B

Variant C

Go to and use the code {0}
Awaiting votes

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