LMS Acquisition Strategy

LMS Acquisition Strategy

Freemium model hypothesis test to gain 

Gaining Market share is the biggest hurdle

- It is very hard to gain market traction with an untested product
- We need to gain feedback from actual end users 
- Design for delight
- Lean startup model
Principle #1: Deep Customer Empathy
Principle #2: Go Broad to Go Narrow
Principle #3: Rapid Experiments with Customers
BUILD: Turn ideas into products
MEASURE: See how customers respond
LEARN: Pivot or Preserve

Getting the product into the hands of customers

Allowing our core customers [teacher] to try the product for free.

This allows us to generate precious feedback from real customers.
Also allows for brand awareness in the longer term.

Additional resources given at cost price.

Main goal would be to gain market traction. Reducing marketing obscurity.