Neniwo - Create your online shop today

Create your online shop today!

The Problem

  1. ​Access to a bigger market is limited when a business is offline
  2. High costs of development and maintenance of online shops and infrastructure
  3. High rates of scams from developers who don't build or deliver working and secure e-commerce infrastructure


  1. ​Ability to create your own online shop which can reach anyone, anywhere in the world.
  2. A hosted platform which is robust and secure, where you don't have to worry about maintenance.
  3. High quality platform where you can advertise, sell your products and also accept payments in your local currency or any other custom methods you have.
  4. Ability to customize your online shop according to your unique brand

Business model

We take 3% commision on each transaction

Competitive advantages

  1. ​Cheaper than other alternatives like Shopify.
  2. Free, no monthly hosting fees.
  3. A first of it's kind in Zimbabwe, were most commerce is offline, but internet adoption is growing fast.
  4. Memorable name, Neniwo, which means 'me too' in the native Shona language.
  5. Clean and easy to use interface compared to clustered and boring interfaces.


  1. ​Founder and CEO - Newlife Marangwanda
  2. Front-end developer - Mike Chuma