Portfolio Website

Show your portfolio to the world

Why is it necessary? 🤔

  1. Ultimate way to showcase your work and let others reach out for you
  2. Your bread and butter if you are a freelancer in whatever sphere
  3. Presents your professionalism and dedication

What should it contain?

  1. Showcase of your works
  2. ​About
  3. Contacts
  4. Blogs
  5. Testimonials


Let's Start

End of talk

TODO Lists

  1. ​Create a repo with same name of your github/gitlab username
  2. Resgister .com.np domain using register.com
  3. Create account on vercel or netlify for the hosting
  4. Deploy hello world in github or gitlab
  5. Deploy same website on vercel or netlify
  6. Select a portfolio template
  7. Edit the template
  8. Deploy it to github
  9. Deploy it to vercel