An easy way 

the right way 

Why BigQuery?

- querying raw data
- focusing on users instead of the sessions
- combining N dimensions
- querying historical data
- advanced queries + normalization
- integrations with 3rd party vendors (FB/Bing/SF etc) and Google Cloud
- cool stuff like predictive analytics (personas in GA) or dynamic remarketing audiences for Google Ads (using customer match exports)
- web UI

A couple of negatives:
- costs (paying for storage, querying, standard updates and streaming updates)
- takes time to set it up and learn how to use

Why NOT Redshift?

- would require us to spin/use our own servers 
- has 1,600 table column limit (vs 10,000 BQ)
- manual tasks (Python scripts)
- requires a very deep understanding of redshift (provisioned clusters and nodes in AWS)
- doesn't support simple MERGE operations (complex workarounds)