Correspondent Annual Meeting 2020

What you need to know

For  video meeting: Sign in to Jitsi

For chatting with the group: Use chat in Jitsi

For questions, notes, and playing the game: Use our Etherpad 

Please use the mute audio button when not talking

Please take bio breaks as needed

Introduce yourself

Tell us about your favorite tech
or a tool you're enjoying right now

Tell us one thing you like about our community

Responses recorded in Etherpad

Culture & focus with Jeff

24 January 2010

01 February 2013

September 2020

Open unlocks the world's potential!

One Must Go (game)

    Look at each set of images (screenshare by Lauren)

    Pick one thing you'd get rid of

    Doesn't have to make sense

    Enter your answer on Etherpad

    See how we stack up compared to each other

What does it mean to be a part of this community?

with Jen
We value...

-- location, age, ethnicity, gender
-- technical expertise and interests
-- passion projects
-- writing style

These characteristics
-- Kindness -- Humility -- Curiosity 

A passion for sharing
-- ideas with editors 
-- ideas with each other 
-- review and feedback of articles

Program requirement: Write 10 articles in 12 months (July to July cycle)

Program benefits
-- Priority access to a global publishing platform with over 2 million unique readers a month

-- Exclusive editorial support from the staff including content research and coaching

-- Shared technical expertise  

-- Visibility into daily, weekly, and monthly statistics that drive the site’s readership

-- Encouragement to list as a highlight on your resume as you pursue career growth, job applications, and book deals 

-- Engagement with the editors and with each other (Discourse, email, video chats)

-- Engagement with other members of the open source community (social media, virtual and in-person events, etc)

What can I do?

Video chat or email with the editors to discuss your editorial goals and article edits. 

Send your comments, takeaways, or observations about the stats we share. 

Join the weekly campfire meeting to discuss headlines and themes. 

Help promote yourself and peers on social media and syndication networks. 

Be here today, for the annual Correspondent Summit!

Why do we care about data?
with Lauren

Correspondent Stats at a Glance

23 correspondents

Across 8 countries and 10 US states

256 articles published

3.5 million page views

Top 20 most-read articles

(clickable links in Etherpad)

Top 20 tags

What to write about with Seth

Writing topics

Writing formats


Thoughts on writing
Linux (commands, how to)



Raspberry Pi

Mac, Windows, Chromebook





Open source adjacent topics

- Life lessons (Linux or programming experience)
- Imposter syndrome
- Productivity tips
- Burnout
- Architecture
- Inclusion (making room for everyone who wants to contribute)
- Diversity (encouraging anyone and everyone to contribute)
- Collaboration
- Documentation
- Bugs: filing, triaging, processing, fixing

-- how to / step-by-step
-- informative 
-- my experience
-- interviews
-- collaborations with other Correspondents
-- reviews of tools, books, etc.
-- TIP: write articles that your current article depends on (example: my "SSH series")


-- easy to create
-- introductions 2-3 paragraphs
Cheat sheets

-- Linux commands (pandoc, tmux, pip, vim)
-- coding language {syntax, functions, conditionals, operators}
-- syntax (markdown, Ansible k8s module)
-- conceptual (microservices, Raspberry Pi)
-- templates for Scribus and LibreOffice


-- collections of articles by one author
-- collections of articles by multiple authors
-- focused on a topic like "productivity tools"
-- 3-4 articles minimum

A few of our favorite prompts

My Linux / open source / coding story

How I learned…

Why I...

X tools / libraries / modules / commands to do Y

Switching from X to Y

Drop X for Y

Surprising ways to use ______

Before I got started with X, I had to do Y

Using open source apps on _______

Switching from _______ to Linux

Follow-up on Discourse

Swag is in the mail