Smart Spectral Sensing

Lilygo TTGO wristband
  • ​Display
  • Button
  • Accelerometer
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth / BLE
  • Realtime clock
  • Battery

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Board version

Download the LilyGo Wristband github

Install driver

Probably you need to install the CH340 Driver.
If it doesn't work try installing the CP21xx driver as well.

Install board files for ESP32 (if necessary)

Install the libraries

  • ​pcf8563.h controls the clock chip
  • SparkFun_LSM9DS1_Arduino_Library to control the sensor
  • TFT_eSPI library to put the graphics on the display (using SPI communication protocol)
  • WiFiManager allows you connect the ESP module to the wifi in a graphical interface

    Copy these from the LilyGo Repository!

Connecting the board

Connecting the board

Upload an example

  • ​helloworld – wakes up the screen when you press the button
  • blink – turn the on-board LED on/off with the button
  • touchpad_led – turn on LED with feedback in serial
  • animation – displays text and a bouncing ball
  • invertcolors – displays text in 4 colors, invert with button
  • fonts – cycles through installed fonts in 6 sizes (plus a custom one)
  • simple_clock – shows clock and date without extra fuss
  • ellipses – draws random ellipses in random colors
  • sprite – working with objects you can repeat relative to a point

    You can find the examples in the "Smart Spectral Sensing" repository

Upload an example

  • Dot – features three mini programs you can loop through with the touch button (incl accelerometer use)
  • _Mac_address_colors_ – Scans for wifi devices nearby and displays the MAC addresses of those devices as a color gradient

Problems uploading?

If you are getting an error during uploading you may try to lower the upload speed, by going to the menu 'Tools' > 'Upload Speed'.

The default value is 921600, but 460800 seems to works more reliably.