Shaheen SoC update

Muhammad Hadir khan

What is the work done up till now?

  1. TileLink Host Adapter is completed.
  2. TileLink Register Adapter is completed.
  3. TileLink 1:N Socket is completed.
  4. TileLink M:1 Socket is completed.
  5. Shaheen SoC repository created.

Work in progress...

  1. ​Creating the documentation of 1:N socket.
  2. ​Creating the documentation of M:1 socket.

What needs to be done ahead?

  1. ​Look at the Comportability specification document that every peripheral adheres to. 
  2. Look at the Register Tool specification. 
  3. Look at the GPIO Technical specification and understand what is required to implement it. 
  4. Plan the implementation. 
  5. Start the implementation