Where do we want to go. Whats our longterm goal. This should be realistic and within reach, but ambitious enough so it doesn't happen by itself. It should also be something one can measure.


How do we live up to our vision. How do we reach our longterm goal. 

LC - die Angular Agentur

Vision: To become the No 1 IT Company providing business solutions with Web technology in Austria 

LC - die Angular Agentur

Mission: Create Value without waste

For Clients: We develop solutions, that fit their needs, that are just as complex as needed. We skip management overhead and consult the customer in what he really needs.

For Employees: Finding those solutions is what counts. How and when, should not be an issue. Follow the clean code principles. 

For Management: Provide Tools and Standards, so developers can focus on their job. Automate everything! Value Quality.

LC - die Angular Agentur

- Provide solutions as a team under the LC brand, not as single devs in bodyleasing fashion

- Provide space for collaboration -> Office

- Improve tooling even more

- Continue to find and invest in young talent

- Strenghthen the brand (talks at meetups, planning poker,..)

MLM Coders / Lean Commerce

Vision: To develop the No 1 E-Commerce Solution in DACH 

MLM Coders / Lean Commerce

Mission: Improve what shopify / digistore24 provide to become the best value platform

Lean Hive

Vision: To become the No1. recruiter for JS projects  

Lean Hive

Mission: To find the best fits through superior tooling and technical expertise

enable business (lcaa)
enable commerce (lc)
enable talents (lh)