South Berkeley

South Berkeley

A Community of Color Struggling
With Displacement & Distress

Welcome To The Neighborhood

Welcome To The Neighborhood Documentary

Please watch the trailer for the documentary now at An article giving background on the documentary is available at  The whole 30 minute documentary is available at

Where exactly are we talking about?  Starting with the big picture of Berkeley:


And now zooming in on South Berkeley...

The Original Peoples

Conquistadores and Colonizers

Japanese & Asian South Berkeley

William Byron Rumford Statue

William Byron Rumford Clinic

Rumford Fair Housing Act of 1963


Black Repertory Group


More Murals

Yet More Murals

Even Art on Utility Boxes!

Little Free Library Movement

PseudoFreecycling / Sharing Stuff

Sharing Your Stuff

Sharing Food

Sharing Your Couch?

Sharing Art, yes but

Trash Next To Mural

More Trash On Ground Next To Mural

Trash Around Rumford Mural

Signs Of A Distressed Society

Broken Relationships, Dumping Stuff...

& Dumping People.  Homeless Encampment Across From B.H.S.

These Are Social, Not Individual Issues

We Need Collective Answers.

21st Century Rumford Fair Housing Act Needed!

Let's All Pull Together! -> Harambe!