Introducing DeckDeckGo

The web open source editor for presentations

Edit your deck anywhere, display it everywhere

Share your presentations as standalone Progressive Web Apps 📱

Remote control any presentations out of the box!


Based on templates

Used predefined slides to edit your presentations quickly⚡

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Add any GIFS

Tenor is integrated 😃

Or use stock photos from Unsplash 😎

Showcase your code

@Component({ tag: 'app-root', styleUrl: 'app-root.scss' }) export class AppRoot { @Element() el: HTMLElement; }

Deep links with QR codes

And more to reveal...

  • ​Animated elements
  • Edit your presentation in fullscreen mode
  • And soon dynamic charts
  • or QR-Code to let your attendees get your deck instantly
  • Get started now 🔥