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A thousand users have joined DeckDeckGo !
Summary Seven Months After Launch
  • 1'000+ signed users
  • 4'000+ open source commits
  • 0$ spent in advertisement
We have no analytics nor tracking  in place.
Our editor can be tried anonymously.

It is possible to create up to three slides without any account.
Those who like the editor can register themselves.

That is why we know that 1'000+ users have joined DeckDeckGo.
Anonymous users +
Signed in users =  

6'300+ users

Source:  Firebase Auth

Signed in users =

1'000+ users

Source: number of subscribers to our  Mailchimp  newsletter

But beside that...

Page views?

No clue


No clue

Bounce Rate?

No clue


No, freaking, clue.

Development 🚀

Apps, Web Components, Infra, Backend, Cloud, Developer Kit, etc. =

4'000+ commits

Source: Our code is on GitHub We are Open Source 😁.  

30+ Contributors Helped Us ❤️



We have spent 0$ in any kind of ads.

To Infinity And Beyond!

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