Berlin Airbnb data analysis

Berlin Airbnb data analysis

Help families with old people, children and/or disabled choose the best location based on specific criteria and information

Berlin is one of the hottest markets for Airbnb in Europe, with over 22,552 listings as of November 2018. Data collected from rentals are very useful for decision-making prior to choosing a location. 
This presentation aims to help families containing children, old people and/or disabled make the perfect choice.

Basic amenities and relevant information from listings for family with old people, children and/or disabled

  1. ​Specify that they are ready to receive family
  2. Have elevator
  3. Wheelchair available
  4. Host identity verified (security and trust)
  5. Good rating and cleanliness scores 
  6. Be experienced on the market (trust)

Average price per neighborhood groups

Listings are divided into neighborhood groups. This graph shows which listings contain amenities for family and/or disabled people along with the average price.

Correlation between the basic amenities from listing groups and price 

Average rating and cleanliness scores per neighborhood group listings

Hosts experience on the market


From the perspective of a customer, it is important to have the relevant information prior to plan a stay in a foreign place. Berlin has been doing a great job in including basic amenities in its listings including wheelchair for disabled, family option, elavator, making cleanliness a priority and many of its listing hosts are verified. This is the reason why it is one of the hottest markets for Airbnb in Europe.