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Berlin - where the underground is the mainstream itself

  • ​A place whose live-and-let-live ethos has lured artists, activists, and visitors since Berliners swarmed the Wall with sledgehammers in 1989
  • Industrial techno temples, bohemian squats, sweat-driven, all-night raves put the city on the map for hedonists everywhere and makes Berlin a world trendsetter
  • A fusion of genres, origins and identities, multimedia and intercultural collaborations give rise to innovative forms of artistic expression and enable more diversity in the cultural landscape
  • ADD STATS: population, cultural participation rate, YoY event revenue, # venues...
POSTKLUB is a multi-disciplinary label founded in 2020 in Berlin.

The label's showcase project, POSTKLUB.FM, is launched with the support of Musicboard Berlin GmbH.

POSTKLUB.FM creates a new digital stage for hosting a series of online events, featuring emerging translocal performing artists.
​We want to support creative exchanges, reflecting the diversity of sounds and practices that go beyond the rules of the mainstream dance music scene.

We pose the question of how the experience of a future Berlin club can be experimented, based on artistic concepts within the framework of open calls. Our overarching theme is writing new codes for event programming.

POSTKLUB.FM is a safe space that promotes the visibility and participation of contemporary and lesser recognised artists from underserved BIPOC, LGBTQI+ communities, women and people with migration backgrounds.

One of the performances streamed in March 2021 from Arkaoda, Berlin

  • ​Kaltblut Magazine (130k FB + 120k IG followers)
  • Renk Mag (20k FB + 20k IG)
  • Lehmann Club (66k FB + 17k IG + 10k SC)
  • Elektron (58k FB + 106k IG + 28k TW)
  • XJazz Berlin (15k FB)
  • Arkaoda (15k FB)
  • ​Dengue Dengue Dengue
  • Nene H
  • Biz
  • DJ Emerson
  • fka.m4a
  • Mehmet Aslan
  • Irakli
  • Rroxymore
  • VTSS
  • Rhyw

Postklub is looking for new partners to expand its artist & promotion network

  • Go physical with a 3-day-festival - reach new audiences & artists
  • Explore new distribution formats - tap into the NFT community
  • WE LOOK FOR Xk EUR / WE LOOK FOR ? (bu gittigi yere gore degisecek :))






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