Breach Vessel

Breach Vessel

Product introduction
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  • ​More and more internet connected devices are used by households
  • These devices cannot be secured (by installing antivirus software on them for example)
  • If a single smart lightbulb for example is hacked, the whole network can be more easily compromised, including phones, computers and other smart devices


  • 3-layer network monitoring and traffic analysis
  • Software and Hardware as a Service, resides in each customer's network
  • Alerts and intervenes when suspicious activity is detected
  • Aggregated data is sent to the cloud for further analysis, classification using machine learning, and reporting


  • End users with smart devices are the initial target
  • Later can be expanded to businesses who provide open WiFi connections (such as Hotels, and Restaurants) to their customers
  • Smart home products have been increasing rapidly over the past few years, no signs of slowing down
  • During COVID-19 and after it, working from home is expected to stay above pre-quarantine levels
Smart home market predictions for 2022
U.S. users' concern about smart devices
• Modules developed as independent services
• Auto-update through the cloud
• Integrated remote assistance
• Automatically scales, users use self-service portal
• Outdated/broken devices are replaced as part of the subscription
Mock-up of the cloud dashboard
Screenshot of IoT infrastructure management


  • Three layers of security: Domain/IP blocking, web proxying, and packet analysis
  • Comes in an easy to set up turn-key condition, connect to the network and go
  • Supervises the traffic and takes action automatically
  • Uploads aggregated data to the cloud where it's further analysed using machine learning and traditional algorithms


  • Power users and experts have several tools available, such as PFSense that can act as a firewall and internal network security. However, end users have less tools available to protect their networks and devices.

  • Firewalla - Most feature complete on this list, it's a smart firewall solution that categorises traffic, acts as a VPN client, has parental control and more. Setup and compatibility seems flaky from reviews
  • BitDefender Box 2 - Standalone device that runs vulnerability scans on the internal network
  • Trend Micro Home Network Security - Website blocking using a database, parental control features, like time limits and content filtering
  • F-Secure Sense (discontinued) - A router with a built-in database of known network threats
  • Fingbox - More generic solution for monitoring internet quality, scheduling downtime for parental control and internal vulnerability scanning. Tracks known users and blocks devices not on its whitelist from connecting


  • First two years:
  • Develop the software solution and the accompanying cloud service
  • Develop first hardware version and ship to early adopters
  • Implement new features based on their feedback
  • Release first version to the general public

Closing remarks

    Breach Vessel is raising between 250.000€ and 1.000.000€ to cover salaries, cloud infrastructure and development costs, and equipment (such as employee laptops) for the first stage of its plan.

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