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How to get connected to the IRC : Internet Relay Chat

What is IRC ?

IRC means :
Internet Relay Chat

OK, nice but basically...

The IRC is a protocol which aims to transport chat messages and share files

...So underground

(it is also scriptable, you can start bots to lead your channel... and sometimes used to drive DDOS attacks ughh !!)

With IRC you can
* Join multiple servers
* Join multiple rooms
* Use private messages
* Share files
* Find useful help

How does it work ?

Quite exactly like #Slack or Discord
There are IRC Servers like ix1.undernet.org from undernet.orgor
In each of them you can reach rooms typing a command to join
eg: /join #angular

Amazing !

You can run your own with undernet software server for example : http://coder-com.undernet.org/

Ok great but I just want to use it ! 

What must I do ?
To access the IRC, you need an IRC client.

There a re some for all operating systems
On Windows :

On Linux - MacOS
Terminal based : weechat
For the pure ones : irssi

All plateforms :
Once downloaded and installed
Start your program
Choose a super NickName
Choose a server
Then join a room with a command
Seek rooms :
/list *a_topic_to_search*
eg : /list php
Joining the room :
/join or /j #my-room
eg :  /join #php

More commands ?

IRC is the historical chat protocol of the internet

Once upon a time your grand father was using 56k connection.
Enjoy its power.